Graduation Monkey Card by Chitra

Graduation Monkey

Happy Saturday guys! I have a cute card to show off this morning! Chitra from CN Designs created this card using our Graduation Monkey digital stamp, copic makers, various card stock, stamps and sequins. I really like the use of yellow & red. It makes me think "school" and works so … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Party *wip* – progress

Ice Cream Party Sketch Progress

Hey guys! This little sketch has been sitting on my kitchen table BEGGING to be colored for the last two days! Last night, I finally managed to play with my markers for a minute. This is all I have done so far. Copics used: rv25, r21, yg01, yg06, yg09, e34, e35, e55, e53, e57, yg03, r27, y13, … [Read more...]

Cool Flamingo Stamp + Card

Cool Flamingo Card

I have decided it is a very mellow Thursday. The sky outside my window is overcast, the temperature cooler than it has been lately.  Its also an active recovery day for me, so my workout later will be take-it-easy...and I have Dave playing on my media player. Oh Dave.. there is … [Read more...]

Roasted Radishes


You guys ever get a vegetable "goodie" box? There are a couple places here that offer fresh local vegetables delivered in a recycled box. Some will even deliver to your door, others you meet at a drop off location. Its pretty neat. You pay a monthly fee (the amount depends on the size box you … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Party wip Sketch

Ice Cream Party Sketch

Good Morning! Last night I began this ice cream party illustration. I wanted to work on a "group" sketch with many elements included. I drew in a bunch of little animal characters eating ice cream. Its almost summer! I'm hoping I'll have time at lunch to begin adding color. … [Read more...]

Fonts to Love ed. 6


Hey guys! I stumbled onto some new fonts this afternoon and decided to share them with you! I know its been awhile since I've added some new fonts to love and I figured it was definitely time for another installment! One of my most favorite things to do is pair swoopy elaborate script fonts with … [Read more...]